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Measuring the performance of email campaigns
We specialize in creating response driven email to meet your acquisition, retention and branding objectives.

Deliver Services
• Creative design
• Copywriting
• Email design
• Seed List
• Send from 50 - 1 million emails per distribution
• Automatically routes and updates bounced email
• Allows email recipient to unsubscribe real-time
Updates performance reports in real-time including opens, click-thrus, link activity, and more...

Deliver Options
• Personalization
• Image serving and storage
• Forms
• Surveys
• Promotions
• eCoupons
• Refer-a-friend
• Refer-a-colleague

Additional Services
• Classroom/Phone/Internet training
• Data mining and database management services
• Assistance with segmenting your email list and profiles to achieve the maximum result.

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