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List segmentation and profile management
Successful email campaigns depend on sending the right message to the right customer. Our Winning with Email online tool set provides the flexibility to easily manage multiple lists, and email address profiles.

What are Profiles?
Profiles are demographic and psychographics that help to define customer segments, preferences, and characteristics of online behavior. Profiles provide the foundation for content, personalization, offer selection, and campaign event triggers.

Winning with Email Tool Set
As a Winning with Email customer, you will have access to an essential set online tools. Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy as a Winning with Email customer:
• 24 hour online account access
• Organize lists by major market segments, events, departments, etc.
• Add, edit, unsubscribe any email address
• Update email address profiles
• Duplicate email address checking
• Invalid email address format checking
• View and edit bounced email addresses
• Access performance reports - Opens, click-thrus, link activity, and more...
• Free subscription to our Winning with Email eNewsletter

Self-managing Lists
• Real-time unsubscribe, bounce-back management, email address capture, and more.

Additional Services
• Customized capture points
• Classroom/Phone/Internet training
• Data mining and database management services
• Assistance with segmenting your email list and profiles to achieve maximum result.

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